District of Września

Września District is the region of great importance due to its location in the area of a significant national transport and economic centre, Poznań. Its impressive historical and cultural output, precious architectural monuments, unique nature and sceneries are the evidence of possibilities of development of tourism and eco-tourism. A modern, 250-kilometre motorway, which runs through the district as well as the intersection of national roads increases the attractiveness of the investment areas.
Września District is undoubtedly the centre of Great Poland not only in the administrative but also the economic and geographical sense. The western borders of the district run only 35 km from Poznań.
Five boroughs of Września District: Kołaczkowo, Miłosław, Nekla, Pyzdry, Września are inhabited by 74,5 thousand people. The whole area (704 km2) spreads throughout the midwest of Great Poland Lake District, which is a part of the geographical area called the Great Lowlands. Cultural heritage constantly encounters modernity here.
Recently, in the district was established the Economic Activity Zone Września as a part of Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone INVEST-PARK. In Białężyce near Września is located a modern car factory Volkswagen Crafter. Due to the dynamic economic development since 2017 the district started a key investment: the Center for Research and Development of Modern Technologies in Grzymysławice. It is a strategic step for the development of Wielkopolska and the improvement of the educational and training infrastructure in the Września District.
  • District of Września

District Office in Września
Chopina Street 10, 62-300 Września
phone: switchboard (+48 61) 640 44 44
phone: secretariat (+48 61) 640 44 50
fax: (+48 61) 640 20 51
email: starostwo@wrzesnia.powiat.pl


The history of Września District